Patient Success Stories

"Dr. Karen and her staff really care! The time and attention they give me as a patient demonstrates this every time I visit Gadsden Family Chiropractic!" Robin R.

"I came to Gadsden Family Chiropractic with lower back pain, neck pain, and TMJ. After a few adjustments I began to feel a lot better with less pain and more energy. Now nearly 2 yrs after my treatment began, I still feel great! It always brightens my day knowing I could come in and receive my adjustments in a happy and caring environment. I am so thankful that Gadsden Family Chiropractic came into my life. May God continue to bless your work."  Delta F

"My son and I started coming to Dr. Karen for severe headaches and back problems after a bad car accident. Dr. Karen has healed these problems in both of us. She and her staff are super nice to us. We love going to her office because we feel so much better when we leave. Now my seven year old goes and loves getting adjusted by Dr. Karen. Dr. Karen and her staff are so wonderful with my family. Now I have no more severe headaches or backaches. You couldn't ask for anything better. I would not trust anyone else with my family like I trust Dr. Karen and her staff. They are truly the best. My whole family feels better thanks to Dr. Karen." Thank you, Christie H.

"I had significant trouble over the past few years with two bulging disc in my lower back. I had extreme pressure on my eternal organs, as well as the obvious pain that drew me over to my left side. I saw my medical Dr first. He prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle re-laxor and Loratab for pain. He also advised the pills would help but only surgery would "fix" the problem - and with only moderate success. The following Monday I saw Dr. Karen Tortoriello about the problem. The first treatment brought much relief and I quit all medication. After the second visit, the next day, I was able to stand upright and walked reasonable well with the walker. After the fourth visit, five days later on Friday, I was able to walk without the walker. The next morning on Saturday, I was able to walk with no pain. I could not be more pleased with my treatment plan than I am. In my opinion no one should have surgery or prolonged medication without first giving Dr Karen Tortoriello a chance to resolve their pain in a much more effective way." David H.

"Five years ago, if someone had told me that Chiropractic was the answer to fixing my back problems, I would have laughed and told them that Chiropractic was for the rich and the weak. I was very wrong! Now, when someone complains about back pain I tell them about Gadsden Family Chiropractic and Dr. Karen. Words can't explain how much I appreciate Dr. Karen for helping me with my back problems. My hats off to Dr. Karen." Danny L.