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Gadsden, AL Whiplash Injury Therapy and Headache

Head pain is found in 90 percent of car wreck patients, and there are many distinct possible sources.

Cervicogenic headache symptoms are probably the most typical after a car crash. Cervicogenic means "originating in the neck" and these headaches are produced by restriction of the nerves that travel through the head and neck. These nerves are irritated either directly from the collision or as a result of ligament or disc injury in the spinal column.

Tension headaches are also frequent, as the muscle tissue can be injured in a collision, causing them to spasm. Vascular symptoms, or damage to the arteries in your neck, are less frequent, but can be dangerous. Signs or symptoms of vascular injury are dizziness, faintness, blurry vision, neck pain, and headache.

Brain injury can also cause headaches. If you hit your head during the impact, or if it was a high speed crash, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Brain injury, even "mild" cases, can have long-term effects on your well-being and productivity.

Finally, migraines are another type of headache that has been reported after an auto injury. Research shows that chiropractic care can be an excellent way to treat migraines.

Headache can be an indicator of a more serious condition, so it's imperative to have your chiropractor do a careful exam after a car crash.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and have headache pain, Dr. Tortoriello is here to help. We can help pinpoint the underlying cause of your problem and formulate a plan of action to help you reclaim your health. We have helped many patients in Gadsden, AL heal from these types of injuries.

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Understanding Chiropractic

Although you may be aware of chiropractors, you may not know what they do. You may be curious about why visiting your Gadsden, AL chiropractor is a great idea. How can chiropractic help you?

A Car Analogy

Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate chiropractic care is with the help of a car analogy. Owning an automobile requires consistent maintenance to make sure that it continues to run well. In addition to regular check-ups, in some cases you may be forced to take it in for repair work, for example when a part starts to malfunction or after an auto accident.

This is not all that different with your body. The best way to stay healthy is be proactive about your health, but sometimes you have an accident (like a fall or an accident) and you must go to a doctor to repair the injury.

One big difference between your car and your body though is that your car can be replaced. With your body, there's no going out to get a new one or exchange it when the damage is too costly. So, keeping your body in excellent shape needs to be a top priority if you are going to expect it to look good and run smoothly well into the future.


How Your Gadsden, AL Doctor of Chiropractic Can Ensure Your "Car" is in Ideal Condition

Because a doctor of chiropractic deals with spinal health, getting normal care will allow you to obtain and keep great health. It will reduce your odds of developing back and neck pain that can lessen your quality of life. Chiropractic care also keeps your body running as efficiently as possible.

The spinal column houses the spinal cord which channels communication between your brain and all of your organs, muscles, and tissues through the spinal nerves that extend into all areas of the body. So, if you have a misaligned spine, other parts of your body can suffer. Since a spinal misalignment disrupts the central nervous system, other systems — like your digestive, respiratory, or reproductive systems — may be affected as well.

So make seeing your Gadsden, AL chiropractic doctor a priority. Call (256) 543-3033 to set up a visit with Dr. Tortoriello today. You'll be taken care of – regardless of whether you are just in need of maintenance or need a repair!



Gadsden, AL Whiplash Injury Treatment and Back Pain

A lot of people report back problems after an auto collision.

A 2002 study conducted by researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine examined the biomechanics of lumbar spine injury from car wrecks and discovered that the car seat is very likely the root cause in these types of injuries.

Your spinal column has an innate curved structure that absorbs shocks and stress and also makes it possible for freedom of movement.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different designs of car seats with unique shapes, coverings, stiffnesses and geometries. If your carseat doesn't match your spine exactly, the violent acceleration of the carseat during a wreck can cause some areas of your spinal column to shift much more than other parts.

This shearing action can pull or rip the ligaments of your spinal column, resulting in pain, swelling, scar tissue, nerve injury, and even permanent damage.

Chiropractic care is a tried and tested, successful way to help men and women with back pain, and we've been working with back pain patients in Gadsden, AL since 2003.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and have symptoms of back pain, Dr. Tortoriello is here to help. We can help establish the root cause of your problem and develop a treatment plan to help you reclaim your health. We have helped many people in Gadsden, AL improve from these types of problems.

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Gadsden, AL Whiplash Therapy and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a problem experienced by many car crash patients, and there are two common causes.

The first is direct injury to the shoulder during the impact. If your shoulder strikes something directly, it can damage the joint capsule. In addition, if you are clenching the steering wheel firmly during a rear-end crash, your body can lag behind the car, putting tension on your wrists and shoulders.

The second cause of shoulder pain is not as direct and can be more difficult to identify. Trauma to the neck or back can produce tension on the nerve fibers that travel from the spine to your shoulder, arm, and hands. This can be confusing, as the painful sensation or numbness is felt in one part of your body, while the problem is actually in your spine.

Chiropractic is a well-known, successful way to help men and women with shoulder pain, and we've been helping these types of injuries in Gadsden, AL since 2003.

If you have been in a car crash and have symptoms of shoulder injury, Dr. Tortoriello is here to help. We can help establish the underlying cause of your problem and formulate a plan of action to help you reclaim your health. We've helped many people in Gadsden, AL heal from these types of injuries.

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Gadsden, AL Chiropractic Wellness

The majority of people think of chiropractic as a successful way to treat back pain. While this is true, numerous research papers show that chiropractic may be able to alleviate a wide variety of other health problems, while promoting general health and wellness.

The research indicates that chiropractic care can be effective for scoliosis, osteoarthritis, radiating pain, pregnancy-related health issues, hypertension, sports wellness, fibromyalgia, reducing stress hormones, and even enhancing immunity!

While so many studies have explored the many positive aspects of chiropractic adjustments, the best way to discover the benefits is to give it a shot yourself! So take the plunge and learn how chiropractic can improve your whole body well-being today.

To get more info about the research on chiropractic, check out this review on ChiroNexus News.


Don't Suffer from Aches and Pains Associated with Cold Weather

Gadsden, AL is finally seeing our first cold weather of the year and with it comes aches and pains for many of our patients. Why do some people feel more pain in cold weather?

Variations in barometric pressure might be one cause. Pain patients are also fairly sensitive to any kind of painful provocation, like colder temps, and that might also be why some folks experience more pain in the winter.

Although we can't control the seasons, we can do some things to alleviate the discomfort from the colder temperatures:

  • Get some exercise. Nothing warms up your body like physical exercise, plus it helps improve your spirits and keeps you healthy!
  • Stay hydrated. When it's cold out and the humidity is low, it's easy to get dehydrated. Drink lots of water during the winter weather.
  • Heat therapy. A heating pad can really do a lot to reduce aches and pains.
  • See your chiropractor! We're trained to help people with musculoskeletal pain and conditions, and we can help not only ease the aches and discomforts of winter, but, more importantly, help resolve the root problem causing the pain in the first place.

Chiropractic is safe and effective for so many ailments. If you'd like to get out of pain without medications and/or surgical procedures, give our Gadsden, AL office a call today at (256) 543-3033 for an appointment.


Gadsden, AL Whiplash Injury Treatment

 More than 1 million people are injured in rear-end crashes every year in the US, and a significant fraction of auto injury cases contribute to pain for years or even decades. The good news is that chiropractic care has been found to be a successful way to care for whiplash injuries and avoid chronic pain. Dr. Tortoriello has helped many Gadsden, AL, residents who have experienced an auto accident and we may be able to help you, too!

A 1996 British paper sums up the challenge:

"The 'whiplash' syndrome is a collection of symptoms produced as a result of soft-tissue injury of the cervical spine. The accumulated literature suggests that 43 percent of patients will suffer long-term symptoms following 'whiplash' injury. If patients are still symptomatic after three months then there is almost a 90% chance that they will remain so. No conventional treatment has proven to be effective in these established chronic cases."

The authors of this report examined the effectiveness of chiropractic in 28 people with chronic whiplash pain. The patients were referred to the doctor of chiropractic an average of 15.5 (range, 3-44) months after the injury, and were questioned before care by both an third-party chiropractor and an orthopedic physician. The subjects were assigned to one of four classification groups: A - No symptoms; B - Symptoms are a nuisance; C - Symptoms are intrusive; and, D - Symptoms are disabling. The initial analysis placed 27 of the 28 patients in groups C or D.

"Following treatment, 26 (93 per cent) of the patients had improved: 16 by one symptom group and 10 by two symptom groups. This improvement was independent of whether it was assessed by an orthopedic surgeon or a chiropractor. In the group that had improved, 17 had stopped their treatment at the time of assessment; symptoms had recurred to a minor degree in four (24 per cent) of these patients and they were considering further treatment."

This agrees with what we find in our office here in Gadsden, AL. Chiropractic care is a great method that may help you recuperate from auto injuries and reduce the risk of chronic pain and disability.

Don't suffer with old or recent motor vehicle injuries! We've been helping auto injury patients in Gadsden, AL since 2003. Call our office today at (256) 543-3033 to see how we can help you.

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Headache and Chiropractic Care in Gadsden, AL

Headaches are a very frequent complaint that we see every day in our clinic in Gadsden, AL. Researchers estimate that over 70% of people suffer from frequent headache pain, so if you suffer as well, you're not alone.

Headache can have a variety of causes. It can originate from stress, traumas, poor posture, or just everyday activities. Dr. Tortoriello has helped many patients in Gadsden, AL recover from persistent headaches, and we can likely help you too.

First, we'll do a thorough examination to establish the root cause of your headache pain. Then, using a variety of methods, we'll help restore your spine's natural functioning to lessen strain on your body and nervous system. Many of our patients see a rapid improvement in their signs or symptoms.

If you are close to our clinic in Gadsden, AL and you are suffering from chronic headaches, give our office a call at (256) 543-3033 today to make an appointment or get more information.


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